Friday, November 6, 2009

Finally TGIF!!!

I am so relieved that it is Friday! Even though this week has flown by...I just need my weekends ! I live for my weekends! Its the only time I really get to be with SF besides getting home at 11:30 everynight from school. Fridays are exceptional due to we get out an hour early *whoop whoop* ! But when I get home from school SF is asleep on the couch usually and that is when I wake him up and we head upstairs to bed...typical school night.  Currently I am at work, the only one in the office still till 5pm and then I am off to class .

Now you can picture be at class everynight :

Lately it seems that we are always up to something on the weekends, when really I should be doing tons of homework that I lucky cram into one day. Sunday. The only day that dosent matter if I hide in the office and tap away on  my machine or be distracted by SF all to thank for that is FOOTBALL! I wonder if the Colts are playing this weekend....

Indianapolis Colts

Saturday we plan on going to San Francisco to met up with SF brothers who live in the city. Im really hoping we can go to this small Italian Resturant we went to last time we were there as they have the best BEST EVER gnocchi! I swear it! I would never lie!  So we just plan to go for the day and have dinner that night and then just head home. Im just looking forward to SHOPPING ! heheh

Sunday ( besides doing tons of homework) my best friend who is getting married in May in Carmel has asked me to go with her to her FIRST wedding dress appointment. As my duty of the MOH  this is a must DO! Of course I wouldnt not go...are you kidding me I am obessed with the wedding planning as she is! I am just counting down the days...hopefully not months till SF ask me to be his wife...then the CRAZINESS begins for me :)

Anywho I have to go it is now 5:03pm and I need to get going to Starbucks then class... Hope everyone ( i think i only have one friend right now ...Crystal) Fab weekend!


Tuesday, November 3, 2009

And the award goes to....ME :-)

I was recently honored by Crystal @ My Carmel Wedding with  The Fabulous Sugar Doll Blogger award :-)

Upon accepting the Sugar Doll award, I need to post 10 fun facts about me, and then pass this lovely little award on to some other fabulous bloggers! Without further do:

1. I love vinger ! Hands down it runs through my veins!

2. I love Pickles heheh! I can eat them anywhere ,anytime and still want more! My fave are the pickles they have at the deli  at the market or the fair . I probably have about 5 jars of pickles in my fridge .

3. Scott and I have the most cutest fur babies ever!

4. Scott & I will be together for 3 years come this February. We met at work when I worked for the title company and he worked at the mortgage company. I use to handle all his closings. I also had a HUGE crush on him...but him being older then me by 10 years and being extremley hot...I never thought he would like me. So when he asked me to grab a drink, I thought he ment me and some gf's then he told me that he just wanted it to be us. I was in love the minute I met him. Our first date was at Ruth Chris...yum!

5. Im obessed with Magolian BBQ! I swear I always crave it ...

6. Scott and I are exactly 10 years apart.

7.  I love summer! I love it because you can go boating,camping, you get a great tan! You also spend more time outdoors. I love buying new swimsuits every summer, new shorts, new tank tops , flip flops, sun name it i love it!

8. I hate cleaning, but it seems that is all I do.

9. I love Turkey Sandwiches! I can eat those everyday! I think i have one everyday for lunch :)

10. I love my Starbucks goes everywhere with me! I have 2 of these babies !

xoxo, Jenny

Monday, November 2, 2009

Home Sweet Home ....

I am so happy to be home and able to sleep in my own bed! This past weekend in Santa Barbara was fantastic!!! Seriously...fantastic weather, fantastic friends, fantastic puppys, fantastic boyfriend :) hehe

Colt and Wilson were such good boys the whole way there:

Colt loved the wind!!

We went to the Mission in SB:

View from where I sat at the Spyglass Resturant:

We had a great time! We got made it to San Luis Obispo and had lunch at Spy Glass resturant that looks over the ocean ... I had the best fish and chips EVER! If you know me really well...vinger runs through my veins.  I also had to have a Sea Breeze while sitting outside overlooking the beautiful ocean. From there we headed to Santa Barbara, the architecture of the spanish style buildings were amazing!

Then to our campsite:

Saturday was Halloween...Scott took us on a tour of Santa Barbara. We first drove through the college campus...he showed us his first apartment etc. We then headed to downtown to the Mission, from there downtown SB to go shopping and have lunch. We ate at this cute Mexican Resturant, where I had a yummy margarita :-)   We then headed back to our campsite where we went down to the beach:

Colt loves the wind!:

Scott & I

Amanda & Joe

Me & my boys:

My bestie :-)

Colt loves the sand:

We had the best time ever! Can't wait to go back to Santa Barbara!!