Tuesday, November 3, 2009

And the award goes to....ME :-)

I was recently honored by Crystal @ My Carmel Wedding with  The Fabulous Sugar Doll Blogger award :-)

Upon accepting the Sugar Doll award, I need to post 10 fun facts about me, and then pass this lovely little award on to some other fabulous bloggers! Without further do:

1. I love vinger ! Hands down it runs through my veins!

2. I love Pickles heheh! I can eat them anywhere ,anytime and still want more! My fave are the pickles they have at the deli  at the market or the fair . I probably have about 5 jars of pickles in my fridge .

3. Scott and I have the most cutest fur babies ever!

4. Scott & I will be together for 3 years come this February. We met at work when I worked for the title company and he worked at the mortgage company. I use to handle all his closings. I also had a HUGE crush on him...but him being older then me by 10 years and being extremley hot...I never thought he would like me. So when he asked me to grab a drink, I thought he ment me and some gf's then he told me that he just wanted it to be us. I was in love the minute I met him. Our first date was at Ruth Chris...yum!

5. Im obessed with Magolian BBQ! I swear I always crave it ...

6. Scott and I are exactly 10 years apart.

7.  I love summer! I love it because you can go boating,camping, you get a great tan! You also spend more time outdoors. I love buying new swimsuits every summer, new shorts, new tank tops , flip flops, sun dresses...you name it i love it!

8. I hate cleaning, but it seems that is all I do.

9. I love Turkey Sandwiches! I can eat those everyday! I think i have one everyday for lunch :)

10. I love my Starbucks Cup...it goes everywhere with me! I have 2 of these babies !

xoxo, Jenny

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