Monday, November 2, 2009

Home Sweet Home ....

I am so happy to be home and able to sleep in my own bed! This past weekend in Santa Barbara was fantastic!!! Seriously...fantastic weather, fantastic friends, fantastic puppys, fantastic boyfriend :) hehe

Colt and Wilson were such good boys the whole way there:

Colt loved the wind!!

We went to the Mission in SB:

View from where I sat at the Spyglass Resturant:

We had a great time! We got made it to San Luis Obispo and had lunch at Spy Glass resturant that looks over the ocean ... I had the best fish and chips EVER! If you know me really well...vinger runs through my veins.  I also had to have a Sea Breeze while sitting outside overlooking the beautiful ocean. From there we headed to Santa Barbara, the architecture of the spanish style buildings were amazing!

Then to our campsite:

Saturday was Halloween...Scott took us on a tour of Santa Barbara. We first drove through the college campus...he showed us his first apartment etc. We then headed to downtown to the Mission, from there downtown SB to go shopping and have lunch. We ate at this cute Mexican Resturant, where I had a yummy margarita :-)   We then headed back to our campsite where we went down to the beach:

Colt loves the wind!:

Scott & I

Amanda & Joe

Me & my boys:

My bestie :-)

Colt loves the sand:

We had the best time ever! Can't wait to go back to Santa Barbara!!

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