Wednesday, October 14, 2009

My Family :)

Us & Our Babies :)

Colt and Wilson bring nothing but happiness to our lives :) Wilson was a present to me from my parents my senior year of high school, I brought Wilson into Scott life when we started dating... Scott was the first guy that Wilson never bit. So I knew it was love ;)

Now Colton (Colt for short) was originally suppose to be named Winston... I always wanted a Wilson and Winston. But soon we figured that when yelling and telling Winston (Colt) NO for peeing or being naughty; Wilson would go and hide thinking we were yelling at him.

So we came up with a new name...well actually Scott did. Side Note: The Indianapolis Colts are his favorite football team hence I think that is where the name Colton came in to play along with calling him Colt. We bought him on May 1st ( early birthday present for me) .....he definitly wasn't planned ...after probably begging Scott and doing research on dogs...and being told NO million of times....we got Colt! It had to be love at first sight because just looking at him and playing with him, we walked out with him :-) ...poor Wilson was waiting in the car because we only planned to look....he wasn't expecting a baby brother.

Colt :)

Wilson :)

Our happy little family :)

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