Friday, October 23, 2009

TGIF... I think my life is finally going where I want it to go! Yes!!

So it is finally friday...It has been a trial of a week. Not sure why but I definitly feel defeated! I had another test in class tonight on my steno machine...I got a 95%...not bad but last week I got a 97%. But when will I get a 100%? I know I just have to have some faith in myself that I can do this!  Where did my "Can do anything attitude" go? I am trying to figure this one out! So besides getting a great grade in my theory 1 class, i not only have been getting 100%'s in my Word Usage and Spelling classes....bring on the legal course because I am sure I will knock that one out ( found my "can do " attitude :) ) Ok ok so back to school; next week I have my first 3 in theory 1, word usage and spelling. Im really hoping that i kick some booty on those and atleast pull a 95% .

Anywho another reason I am happy it is friday is because tomorrow we are going to Magolian BBQ , one of my fave places to eat....well only the new one in Rocklin ( they owner knows us pretty well now and knows what we like to eat and sit) And we decided well the preggers best friend decided that is where she wants to go to celebrate her 25th birthday this what happens when you turn 25 and is pregnant? That sadly we will wear pjs...ok ok just kidding on the pjs...if you know me and amanda pretty well ...that is not happening. Ok maybe with me it might but definitly not Amanda. My bestie is turning 25 on just makes me think where has the time gone?? I feel like our young adult life is just flying by and Im not even paying attention! I will be 25 in lucky me has a little bit to go...but Crystal is next in February....time flies and I so thought I would of graduated college some point but havent yet. Now that I switched ( im rambling again)  I will be graduating in September 2012.

Ok so enough rambling .... I have tons and tons of homework this weekend and studying to do, but all i can think about is riding my bike and getting a coffee tomorrow morning hehe...gotta have my starbucks!

My questions whoever reads this : Where did you think you would be at in your life at the age you are now?


  1. I know at some point I told my mom I wanted to have my first child at here I am at 24 and I won't even be married until I'm 25!! Time really does fly, and suddenly we really are half way through our 20's. Yikes!

    Keep killing it at school, that will feel like it flew by once it's over too; but in a really GOOD way!! <3

  2. wow ...I know at some point I wanted the same too...i want babies but that will have to I am still not engaged i think that is safe to assume i am not married either. No baby until there is a ring on this pretty little finger!